Greentown Labs is currently home to more than 50 member start-up companies and supporting organizations which employ over 170 people.

Our Companies

Our companies range from those just beginning prototyping to those who have raised a Series A venture round, and span technologies ranging from energy efficiency to transportation to water technology.


Accion Systems

Accion Systems is an MIT spinout providing propulsion systems to the rapidly growing satellite industry. Their proprietary ion beam technology addresses an industry-wide pain point--it's smaller, safer, and less expensive than existing solutions. In March, the team will be demonstrating its first product in space, and they've secured two letters of intent for sales in 2015.

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Advanced Industrial Wireless Associates provides project consulting services that enable our customers to accelerate adoption of wireless automation technology in their organizations. Our expertise includes workforce training, technology strategy mapping, standards monitoring, business process analysis and revision, procurement management, and value justification services. Our associates are experts in industrial wireless automation systems and/or process automation. Our clients are typically global energy companies and their majors suppliers.

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Altaeros Energies

Developing a breakthrough airborne wind turbine that produces abundant, low-cost, renewable energy. Altaeros turbines are designed for easy mobility and deployment at remote locations.

Appollo Wind

Appollo Wind

Appollo Wind Technologies, LLC, is engaged in the development and commercialization of technologies that reduce peak energy demand at the point of use. The patented isothermal turbocompressor technology improves operating efficiencies of refrigerant vapor compression for HVAC.

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Autonomous Marine Systems

Autonomous Marine Systems Inc. (AMS) has developed the world’s most advanced robotic sailboat dubbed simply: Datamaran. The craft is capable of operating autonomously on long duration missions over massive geographic distances.

Avalanche Energy

Avalanche Energy

At Avalanche Energy, we believe that clean energy should be affordable and accessible to everyone. Our company designs and supplies minimalist solar energy product that are highly efficient, compact, and economic for residential and commercial small-scale applications.



Bevi makes vending kiosks which filter and bottle beverages at the point of use, instead of in a bottling plant. The kiosks cut the variable costs and carbon footprint of companies in the beverage vending industry by 80%.


Building Envelope Materials

Building Envelope Materials is developing an affordable deep energy retrofit system for commercial and residential buildings. This system will reduce building energy use by 30 - 50% at approximately one quarter the cost of conventional deep energy retrofit processes.

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CoolChip Technologies

CoolChip is a privately held company founded in 2010 to commercialize an innovative air-moving paradigm using patented and patent-pending Kinetic Cooling technologies for electronics cooling.



CrowdComfort offers building owners, operators, and occupants new and powerful ways to share information about comfort. They work with corporations to offer their employees a simple way to report on comfort, and convert that information into time stamped and geo-located heat maps.

Dynamo Micropower

Dynamo Micropower

Proprietary low cost, ultra-portable microturbines with applications including oil & gas, portable power generation, and distributed residential and commercial cogeneration.



Embue has developed a solution to optimize the use of HVAC equipment in residential and commercial settings by integrating smart meters into a rich web experience.



Grove Powering the urban farming revolution with a web connected sensor and control system that automates any indoor growing environment.


Invested Development

Reducing poverty in underserved markets through risk capital investments in innovative alternative energy, agricultural technology, and mobile technology startups.

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Loci Controls

Loci Controls is dedicated to building tangible products and hands-on services that make a difference in the clean tech world. We provide a hardware-enabled service to help landfills harvest energy from the trash. We deliver automated monitoring and control of landfill gas collection to optimize production. With the Loci Controls solution, revenue from landfill gas-to-energy plants is increased, risk of noncompliance is mitigated, and odor complaints can be instantly addressed.

Menon Laboratories Cut

Menon Labs

Specializes in the fast synthesis of titania nanotubes for filtration, photocatalytic and other related applications.

MetaComb Inc.

MetaComb Inc. (MCI), a sustainable materials technology development and manufacturing company commercializing process that transforms repurposed corrugated cardboard (OCC) into a corrugated paper-core composite panel-board MetaComb™ material.

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MissionPoint Capital Partners

MissionPoint Capital Partners is capitalizing on high-growth investment opportunities created by the accelerating demand for clean, secure energy and the large-scale transition to a low-carbon global economy.

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MNL Partners

MNL Partners develops energy and environmental projects in global markets, with a focus on China. They bring together world-changing technologies, partnerships across the value chain, and the capital needed to scale. They work hands-on, providing active leadership from project conception through cash flow.


NBD Nano

NBD's nano-structured surface treatments result in improved energy efficiency for various applications such as HVAC, desalination, and atmospheric water generation.

Openwater Power

OpenWater Power

OpenWater Power is developing a novel Aluminum-Seawater Reactor with the potential for disruptive impact for undersea power generation. Invented and patented by its founders, the electrochemical system provides quiet, scalable, non-toxic energy storage and generation, with over 10x the demonstrated energy density of Li-ion batteries.


Quantum Diamond Technologies

QDTI is developing novel quantum devices and sensors that exploit the unique properties of diamond. Founded in 2012, QDTI uses technology based on fluorescent crystal defects that can be used as sensitive electric and magnetic field probes, thermometers, quantum bits, and photonic elements – all at the nanoscale.



RailPod is a robotic rail track inspection system. Track condition is accurately measured and correlated to a precise location then transmitted to clients in real time. RailPod’s technology provides precise geometry measurements, improves safety, and lowers the cost of everyday inspections while providing comprehensive data for rail operators globally.


Rise Robotics

Our business is creating powerful human motion with robotic body parts enabled by breakthrough mechanical inventions.

Saint Gobain


Saint-Gobain, the world leader in the habitat and construction markets, designs, manufactures and distributes building and high-performance materials, providing innovative solutions to the challenges of growth, energy efficiency and environmental protection.


Silverside Detectors

Silverside Detectors helps governments reduce the threat of nuclear terrorism. Our lithium thermal neutron detection technology matches the performance of standard He-3 radiation detectors, but at 1/10th the price. This inexpensive radiation sensor is low-cost and efficient enough to be a "connected device" for networks of discreet detectors within and around cities, in transportation pathways, and nuclear material storage sites.

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Sistine Solar

Sistine Solar offers the world's first solar digital billboards, signs, and street furniture. We design, engineer, and build beautifully sustainable dynamic displays for brands, cities and outdoor advertisers.


Sparkplug Power

Sparkplug Power is developing energy storage projects for grid ancillary services. It will own and operate these facilities.

Sustainable America

Sustainable America

Sustainable America aims to reduce U.S. oil consumption while increasing U.S. food production. By raising awareness and supporting innovation, we can effect sustainable change.

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Tank Utility

Tank Utility is a remote propane monitoring system and price comparison platform. We combine accurate data on tank levels, real-time consumption patterns, and current market rates into one intuitive application.



Understory is a weather analytics and hardware start-up that installs proprietary weather sensing grids into metropolitan areas to track thunderstorms and other weather events as they move through each city. Understory packages the observations into an analytics package that helps enterprise companies manage their disaster response.

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Developing an exhaust heat recovery system that generates electricity and reduces fuel consumption and emissions of vehicles by 5 and 10%, achieving hybrid-like benefits at far lower cost.



Voxel8 is a startup company that is bringing novel materials to 3D printing. We will embed function into the typical shapes of 3D printing. Our materials, based on research by Harvard SEAS Professor Lewis, allow us to print embedded conductors, wires, and batteries into the normal matrix materials of 3D printing.

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Designing and manufacturing solar powered charging stations to provide mobile electronic device users with a free and convenient outdoor charging option while on the go.

Our Alumni



Apitronics is creating the internet of things for farms. They create technology that empowers small- to medium-sized farms in order to promote decentralized agricultural systems.

Energy Compression

Energy Compression

Developing safe, green and low-cost energy storage solutions to facilitate microgrid energy management and islanding. Patented technology based on the adsorption of compressed air by zeolite minerals.


Energy Intelligence

Developing ultra-compact energy harvesting systems that are installed on roads to turn the motion of vehicles into electricity. More specifically, this proprietary technology transforms energy that would otherwise be wasted by braking vehicles into clean electricity that can power equipment onsite. The modular design is very scalable, easy to install, and offers quick payback.

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Greenbean Recycle

Greenbean is software company allowing bottle or can recycling machines called Reverse Vending Machines (RVM) to be paperless and cashless, allowing RVMs to be placed anywhere to increase recycling rates. Using a Greenbean RVM a user will get a real time impact of their recycling, allow their 5 cent refund to accumulate and transfer to any account they wish without a cash register or paper receipt. Greenbean is currently in 8 colleges in the greater Boston area.



Scalable hydrosystem technology transforming waste energy in water pipelines into clean and useful electricity with a payback time of 4 years or less.

Helmet Hub

Helmet Hub

Making helmets more available lowering the barrier to entry for bikeshare users and minimizing need to drive vehicles.

Keystone Tower Systems

Developing a new manufacturing process for wind turbine towers that enables taller, more structurally efficient towers.

Made up LOLA Corp

LOLA Corp.

Various cleantech R&D projects.


OsComp Systems

Developing a game-changing compression technology capable of efficiently compressing wet gas and multi-phase streams to a magnitude higher compression ratios than existing technologies.

Promethean Power System Cut

Promethean Power Systems

Promethean Power Systems designs and manufactures rural refrigeration systems for commercial cold-storage applications in off-grid and partially electrified areas of developing countries.


Purpose Energy

PurposeEnergy builds patented anaerobic digesters specifically for the food and beverage industry. Their Tribrid-Bioreactors convert organic waste in clean water and energy; benefits include significant increase to bottom line, reduction in carbon footprint, onsite production of renewable energy, and the ability to reuse water.


Save Energy Systems

Provides small to medium sized facilities with a simple, cost effective solution for the intelligent control of multiple HVAC systems, resulting in overall energy savings up to 25% without compromising comfort.

Subsea Energy North America

SubSea Energy is a micro-hydro turbine renewable energy system developer. SubSea's vision is to produce a highly efficient hydro energy generator system that will eventually generate electricity at $0.04 kWh to take homes, businesses and municipalities off the grid. Our mission is to develop proprietary river and tidal hydrokinetic systems that offer a high efficiency system with nearly 24 hours of power generation per day.



Visolis is an industrial biotechnology company developing the next generation of biocatalysts that can convert renewable feedstocks into chemicals and fuels at a price point competitive with petroleum based processes.

Member Spotlight promethean

Promethean Power

Promethean Power Systems designs and manufactures rural refrigeration systems for commercial cold-storage applications in off-grid and partially electrified areas of developing countries.

According to co-Founder Sorin Grama, Greentown offered the perfect combination of space and community—“you felt like when you came to work it wasn’t just you looking at your business partner,” he said. “Once you get together under one roof, you start collaborating through sharing ideas, looking over each other’s business plans, and sharing talent and people,” Grama said. He claims that the breadth of knowledge, creativity, and passion brimming from Greentown Labs was an invaluable resource that contributed to Promethean Power Systems’ success; today, the company is delivering products to its customer in India, and has received more than $5M in grant and institutional funding, in addition to winning numerous awards along the way. “It helps you become a stronger startup when you are part of a community.”

Greentown Graduates

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